22.02.2021 Getting excited about the work with Fortran Love Call.

25.09.2020 Worsel Strauss and Schani Wolf: The Sandwich Maker, 1st track on The Sound Projector Radio Show, Resonance 104.4 FM, London.

19.09.2020 Playing outdoors with lapsteel and looper at Are friends electric? at Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt w/ my friends Demon Array and Patrick 9000. Enjoy, but keep your distance.

11.09.2020 Made a remix of Everytime for my friends Patrick 9000 and Nashi Cho on Emerald & Doreen Records. Enjoy.

07.08.2020 First show after COVID-19. Offenbach, Waggon: Batteries Included w/ my friends Weinglas and Zid. Enjoy, but keep your distance.

06.06.2020 Released the first video for the new album: “Taking a new town” on Youtube. Krautrock, railways and urban futurism…

02.06.2020 Schani Wolf and I have released a new album “Eigenwert” on ANALOGmusiq. First collaboration in ten years…

06.05.2020 LDX#40 and I have started working on a video for a forthcoming album.

27.03.2020 COVID-19: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans (John Lennon, Beautiful Boy).

Worsel Strauss · Don't Do It Then

Worsel Strauss · Substances

Worsel Strauss · Japanese fish
19.09.2020 Frankfurt, Dreikönigskeller: Are friends electric? Live.Lapsteel.Looper. w/ Demon Array and Patrick 9000
07.08.2020 Offenbach, Waggon: Batteries Included
06.03.2020 Frankfurt, 3KK, Frankfurter Klang: DJ set
07.02.2020 Frankfurt, 3KK, Frankfurter Klang: DJ-Set

10.08.2019 Hannover, Electronic Attack

09.12.2018 Frankfurt, Xerox Exotique: Noise Cinematique w/ W. Glas
24.11.2018 Frankfurt, Radio X Live Broadcast: Lap Steel
06.10.2018 Frankfurt, Der Schein trügt - Kunstfestival: Lap Steel
26.09.2018 Live Stream, Frankfurter Klang: w/ Patrick Neuntausend
12.04.2018 Frankfurt, Musikmesse Festival, Xerox Feline

12.11.2017 Frankfurt, C2H6O2: Lap Steel
30.09.2017 Rotterdam, V2, Noodlefest
28.09.2017 Live Stream, Xerox Exotique: w/ Dan Bay & szmt
25.08.2017 Cologne, Gamescom: w/ szmt, LDX#40 & Hans Hiscore
22.06.2017 Offenbach, Xerox Exotique
08.04.2017 Innsbruck, DIAMETRALE Filmfestival
15.01.2017 Frankfurt, ExpeRheiniMainental

11.12.2016 Frankfurt, Phonophon: Lap Steel
17.10.2016 Frankfurt, Yachtklub: Strauss & Bay
24.07.2016 Frankfurt, Deutschherrenufer: w/ Conspiratio Intestinalis
18.06.2016 Düsseldorf, Open Source Festival, KlingKlang Studio: w/ The New Magic Easel Orchestra
17.05.2016 Frankfurt, Yachtklub
31.03.2016 Berlin, Superbooth16
26.02.2016 Frankfurt, Phonophon: w/ The New Magic Easel Orchestra
23.01.2016 Rotterdam, Noodlebar

08.08.2015 Leipzig, Electronic Attack
27.06.2015 Vienna, Rack Rash
19.04.2015 Frankfurt, Phonophon