09.02.2024 Radio interview at VirusMusik OFFSpace w/ host Marc Rodrigues.

02.12.2023 Doing a cover version of Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise at Xerox Exotique Verunstaltung, Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt.

24.09.2023 Playing a Tenori-on w/ the Batteries Included Collective at BendMakeChange 23, Offenbach.

15.07.2023 Playing live with a very stripped down Fortran Love Call at 2. Sachsenhäuser Sommerstrasse, Frankfurt. You can watch a video here.

22.06.2023 LDX#40 and I have started working on a video for Luiz Seyfferth.

13.01.2023 szmt has released a new album with some contributions by yours truly.

16.10.2022 Live.Lapsteel.Looper at Xerox Exotique, Frankfurt.

30.09.2022 Live.Lapsteel.Looper at BendMakeChange Festival Offenbach. Watch a snippet here.

07.06.2022 Radio Interview at Radio X, Frankfurt w/ host Carsten Olbrich aka Herr Ebu.

01.06.2022 Watch the first video from Fortran Love Call’s album Preestablished Harmony EP 1, here.

01.06.2022 The Fortran Love Call album Preestablished Harmony EP 1 is out now on Acrylnimbus.
Listen to or get the album here.

13.05.2022 The wonderful Xerox Exotique compilation Natural Order is out now. Listen to my contribution here. Watch the trailer here. I have assembled the music of the trailer from the 42 contributions...

01.05.2022 Performing music from my favourite C64 game at XC#011: Surfing on SID Waves - 40 Jahre C64 at Digital Retro Park, Offenbach

01.04.2022 Made a contribution to Boring Music (Monotonkunst IV) on ANALOGmusiq. Listen to the track The Mercury Collector.

01.02.2022 Fortran Love Call has made a remix for szmt on the album The First Hints of Corruption. Listen to the track here.

20.11.2021 Made a remix on Das Schlagen des Bimpfs for LDX#40. Listen to the track here.

24.09.2021 Playing outdoors with lapsteel and looper at BendMakeChange Festival Offenbach. Enjoy, but keep your distance.

08.08.2021 Playing outdoors at Are friends injected? at Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt w/ Fortran Love Call. Enjoy, but keep your distance.

05.08.2021 Made a contribution to In The Future 15 People Will Be Famous (Hand Made Hits Vol 1) on ANALOGmusiq.
Listen to the track The Psychedelic Car.

22.02.2021 Getting excited about the work with Fortran Love Call.

25.09.2020 Worsel Strauss and Schani Wolf: The Sandwich Maker, 1st track on The Sound Projector Radio Show, Resonance 104.4 FM, London.

19.09.2020 Playing outdoors with lapsteel and looper at Are friends electric? at Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt w/ my friends Demon Array and Patrick 9000. Enjoy, but keep your distance.

11.09.2020 Made a remix of Everytime for my friends Patrick 9000 and Nashi Cho on Emerald & Doreen Records. Enjoy.

07.08.2020 First show after COVID-19. Offenbach, Waggon: Batteries Included w/ my friends Weinglas and Zid. Enjoy, but keep your distance.

06.06.2020 Released the first video for the new album: “Taking a new town” on Youtube. Krautrock, railways and urban futurism…

02.06.2020 Schani Wolf and I have released a new album Eigenwert on ANALOGmusiq. First collaboration in ten years…

06.05.2020 LDX#40 and I have started working on a video for a forthcoming album.

27.03.2020 COVID-19: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans (John Lennon, Beautiful Boy).

Worsel Strauss · Fortran Love Call - A hashtag for the king

Worsel Strauss · Don't Do It Then

Worsel Strauss · Substances

Worsel Strauss · Japanese fish
08.04.2024 Frankfurt, Mousonturm, DJ set w/ N. & Bu.d.d.A.

14.12.2023 Frankfurt, 3KK, DJ set w/ Sudden Infant
02.12.2023 Frankfurt, Xerox Exotique Verunstaltung
18.11.2023 Frankfurt, ono2, DJ set w/ Six Turns Nine and Tiktaalik
24.09.2023 Offenbach, BendMakeChange Festival: w/ Batteries Included
25.07.2023 Frankfurt, 3KK, DJ set w/ Y Bülbült
15.07.2023 Frankfurt, 2. Sachsenhäuser Sommerstrasse: w/ Fortran Love Call
27.05.2023 Frankfurt, 3KK, DJ set

16.10.2022 Frankfurt, Xerox Exotique: Live.Lapsteel.Looper.
30.09.2022 Offenbach, BendMakeChange Festival: Live.Lapsteel.Looper.
04.08.2022 Frankfurt, 3KK, DJ set
01.05.2022 Offenbach, Digital Retro Park
01.04.2022 Frankfurt, 3KK, DJ set

24.09.2021 Offenbach, BendMakeChange Festival: Live.Lapsteel.Looper.
08.08.2021 Frankfurt, 3KK: Are friends injected? w/ Fortran Love Call

19.09.2020 Frankfurt, 3KK: Are friends electric? Live.Lapsteel.Looper. w/ Demon Array and Patrick 9000
07.08.2020 Offenbach, Waggon: Batteries Included
06.03.2020 Frankfurt, 3KK, Frankfurter Klang: DJ set
07.02.2020 Frankfurt, 3KK, Frankfurter Klang: DJ-Set

10.08.2019 Hannover, Electronic Attack

09.12.2018 Frankfurt, Xerox Exotique: Noise Cinematique w/ Weinglas
24.11.2018 Frankfurt, Radio X Live Broadcast: Live.Lapsteel.Looper.
06.10.2018 Frankfurt, Der Schein trügt - Kunstfestival: Lap Steel
26.09.2018 Live Stream, Frankfurter Klang: w/ Patrick Neuntausend
12.04.2018 Frankfurt, Musikmesse Festival, Xerox Feline

12.11.2017 Frankfurt, C2H6O2: Lap Steel
30.09.2017 Rotterdam, V2, Noodlefest
28.09.2017 Live Stream, Xerox Exotique: w/ Dan Bay & szmt
25.08.2017 Cologne, Gamescom: w/ szmt, LDX#40 & Hans Hiscore
22.06.2017 Offenbach, Xerox Exotique
08.04.2017 Innsbruck, DIAMETRALE Filmfestival
15.01.2017 Frankfurt, ExpeRheiniMainental

11.12.2016 Frankfurt, Phonophon: Lap Steel
17.10.2016 Frankfurt, Yachtklub: Strauss & Bay
11.09.2016 Offenbach, Waggon: Acoustic set
24.07.2016 Frankfurt, Deutschherrenufer: w/ Conspiratio Intestinalis
18.06.2016 Düsseldorf, Open Source Festival, KlingKlang Studio: w/ The New Magic Easel Orchestra
17.05.2016 Frankfurt, Yachtklub
31.03.2016 Berlin, Superbooth16
26.02.2016 Frankfurt, Phonophon: w/ The New Magic Easel Orchestra
23.01.2016 Rotterdam, Noodlebar

01.11.2015 Frankfurt, 3KK
03.10.2015 Wasserkuppe, Radom
19.09.2015 Rumpenheim, Kunsttage
08.08.2015 Leipzig, Electronic Attack
27.06.2015 Vienna, Rack Rash
19.04.2015 Frankfurt, Phonophon

03.10.2014 Wasserkuppe, Radom
09.08.2014 Leipzig, Electronic Attack: DJ Set

22.09.2012 Düsseldorf, WP8